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The Pink Stallion

Prep time: 5 minutes

Makes: 1 pitcher


-2 cups moscato

-2 cups pink lemonade (your choice of brand)

-2 cups sprite

-2 cups citron vodka

-1 cup pineapple juice, to add towards the end

-lemon slices, for garnish


**Non-alcoholic: Make it a pink lemonade soda punch by omitting any alcohol. When adding the drink to a cup, follow the same steps to achieve the yellow to pink ombre.

**If allergic to pineapple, mango or orange juice can give the same affect.


  1. In a large pitcher, add the moscato, pink lemonade, sprite, citron vodka, and lemons. Stir to combine.

  2. Refrigerate for 1 hour. When ready, to get the yellow to pink coloring, add pineapple juice to the bottom of the glass over ice then gently pour the moscato-lemonade mix. Garnish with lemon slices (and chopped strawberries if desired) and enjoy!!

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