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Namjoon's Room- Charcuterie board



  • Fresh berries

  • grapes (any color)

  • apple or pear slices

  • fresh figs

  • slices peaches or plums

  • cherry tomatoes


  • pickled veggies or cornichons

  • baby carrots

  • radishes

  • lettuce, spinach, chopped cilantro

  • roasted red peppers


  • sharp, white cheddar parmigiano reggiano

  • manchego

  • smoked gouda

  • brie

  • goat cheese

  • soft blue cheese or gorgonzola

  • burrata or fresh mozzarella


  • soppressata

  • bresaola

  • chorizo

  • coppa

  • guanciale

  • prosciutto

  • 'nduju


  • walnuts

  • almonds

  • pistachios

  • macadamia nuts

  • hazelnuts

  • pecans

Bread or crackers:

  • toasted baguette slices for crostini

  • water crackers

  • whole wheat or butter crackers

  • breadsticks (the thin kind)


  • garlic mustard

  • honey

  • divina fig spread


How to assemble:

  1. Season your board/tray with oil or beeswax. If the serving tray you're using is not food-safe, lay down parchment paper.

  2. Place small bowls filled with olive oil, nuts, jams, or honey.

  3. Make sure you remove all packaging such as casing, plastic, or twine prior to serving. Add slices meats and cheese. Arrange fresh and/or dried fruits and vegetables.

  4. Surround the board with bread and crackers. Make sure to add silverware; cheese knives and spoons, for dips. Try not to leave any blank spots so your tray looks abundant and appealing. If there are empty spaces, fill any holes with rosemary sprigs, sage, or other herbs/ edible flowers.

  5. A note on freshness: the ingredients of your boards will oxidize quickly. If possible, do not slice and assemble more than 1-2 hours before serving.

**Vegan note: Use your favorite plant-based deli "meats" and cheeses.

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