Cold Soba Salad

Servings: 4


  • 7oz/ 200g green tea soba noodles

  • 2 green onions/scallions

  • 1 bunch cilantro

  • 1 tbsp white sesame seeds


  • 1 tbsp/15 mL olive oil

  • 3 tbsp/ 45mL sesame oil

  • 1/2 tsp/ 2.5 mL red pepper flakes

  • 3 tbsp/ 45 mL soy sauce


  1. Make the dressing by combining all the dressing ingredients in a small saucepan on medium heat for 3 minutes. Whisk well until honey is completely dissolved and ingredients are well infused. Set aside to let it cool a bit.

  2. In a pan, bring water to a boil (DO NOT ADD SALT). Cook the soba noodles according to the package instructions, but make sure they are al dente. Drain into a colander and rinse the noodles under running water. Drain and transfer into a large bowl.

  3. Thinly slice the green onions and chop cilantro into small pieces. Combine the soba noodles, dressing, green onion, cilantro and sesame seeds in the bowl. Toss everything together. Transfer to a serving bowl or plate. Serve and enjoy!

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