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Sparkling Americano Tonic


prep time: 5 minutes

makes 1


-3/4 cup-1 cup tonic water, depending on how strong you want it

-2 shots of good quality espresso (you want good quality so it's not bitter)

-1 tangerine, you will need to cut off a 1-inch-wide section of the peel with some of the meat of the tangerine. You can also use your choice of citrus fruit

-1 basil leaf



  1. Fill your cup with ice. Express the tangerine over the ice and then slide it into the cup.

  2. Roll the basil leaf so some of the flavor comes out and place it on top.

  3. Pour the tonic water over the ice and pour the slightly cooled espresso over the top. Stir to combine and enjoy!

*Note: you can modify the flavor by adding more or less citrus, tonic water and espresso.

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