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Jimin's Buldak Noodle Fried Rice


-1 packet (or cup) samyang buldak instant ramen noodles (or cheese flavored)

-Boiling water

-3 tbsp canola oil

-1 stalk of spring onion, diced

-1 large egg, beaten

-1 cup cooked medium or short grain rice

**Vegan note: you can omit the flavor packet and add your own spices. For the egg scramble, add medium-soft tofu.

**Note: Buldak ramen or "fire noodles" are extremely hot. Take into consideration your heat tolerance. You can use other brands like Shin ramyeon or any other flavor as well.


  1. In you're using a packet, you will need a small bowl (not too big but enough that the broken noodles will fit after you smash them in the ziploc bag. If you're using any cup noodles for this, try to carefully shake out the noodles. Place them into a ziploc bag and crumble into small pieces.

  2. Place the crumbled noodles back into the bowl previously stated or cup, if using. Then pour some boiling water into the bowl or cup of ramyeon noodles, just enough to cover the noodles. Set aside.

  3. Place some cooking oil into a frying pan. Dice the spring onion, add it to the pan and stir-fry, until they start to sizzle. Crack an egg into the pan and scramble it. Finally add the cup of cooked rice. Mix well to incorporate.

  4. Add the cooked noodles into the frying pan. Stir everything until the fried rice is evenly mixed.

  5. To serve, place rice in a plate or shape it using a bowl (or ramyeon cup). Sprinkle with some sesame seeds and laver (crushed seaweed flakes) and enjoy!!

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