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Coffee Prince(s)

Credits to vlive

RM's Shakerato

-2 shots of expresso

-Put one scoop of ice in a shaker. Add 150 ml of water, expresso shots, and 10 grams of simple syrup.

-Close the lid of the shaker glass and shake well.

-Fill glass with ice cubes up to 1/3 and pour drink



Jin's Rosy Latte

-Add 50 grams of rose syrup into glass

-Add ice cubes, filling 70% of the glass

-Pour 130 ml of milk

-Add 2 shots of expresso

-Put one scoop of cream on top.



J-Hope's Cocoa-presso

-Add 50 grams of coconut powder

-Pour 170 ml of milk to a pitcher and steam it

-Add water into measuring cup to disolve the powder

-Pour milk into the glass

-Brew 2 expresso shots and add on top



Jimin's Creamy latte

-Add 170 ml of milk, 50 grams of simple syrup, and whipped cream to a glass and mix together.

-Brew 2 shots of expresso and pour on top of milk.



V's Injeolmi latte

-Add 15 grams of grain powder and 30 grams of sweetened condensed milk to a steam pitcher and steam.

-Pour some steamed milk into glass to mix with grain powder and condensed milk.

-Add the rest of the milk.

-Just a pinch of grain powder to top.



Suga's Café Lemoni

-Add 30 grams of lemon syrup and 1 slice of lemon to a glass.

-Add 2 ice cubes on top of the syrup, about 80% of the way.

-Add I can of sprite into it

-Make 2 shots of expresso and add into glass.



Jungkook's esproberry latte

-Add 30 grams of strawberry syrup at the bottom of the glass.

-Add ice cubes, about 80% of the way

-Pour 300 ml of milk

-Make 2 shots of expresso and pour on top of milk.


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