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Classic Mojito


-Choose 2 glasses(cups) that fit together to shake drink.

-Add 7 mint leaves (real mint/peppermint)

-Add 1 tbsp. of sugar (sugar syrup is better)

-Muddle these 2 together with a spoon or muddler to crush the mint.

-Add 2 green lime slices or 1 shot of lime juice. Muddle the limes.

-Add 1.5 oz. of rum (1 shot) (this can be white, dark or spiced rum/ with the latter 2, you will need to adjust the sugar level a bit)

-Add 3/4 cup ice

-Pour in a little soda water, about 2 shots worth (if you like it a little sweet, use sprite instead)

-Take the other glass to the glass together, hold carefully, and shake until combines and dissolved. Test and alter to taste.

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