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Almond milk


- raw almonds

- 100g

- 1 liter filtered water

salt to taste


- high power blender

- nut milk bag


Wash the almonds with clean water. Soak them in clean or filtered water for at least 4h (or overnight). Throw away the water and wash them again.

Pour 1 liter of filtered water into the blender and add the almonds. Blend for 1 minute at high speed. Add salt to preference and taste, then blend again for a few seconds.

This is the “full fat” version, if you want the lower fat version, add up to 500ml of water in the blender and blend again for 30-40 seconds. Place the nut milk bag over a bowl and pour the content in the blender in it. Strain the almond milk until no fluid is coming out. Pour the almond milk in a bottle. Remove the almond pulp from the bag but don’t throw it away. Wash the nut bag.

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