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Bingsu Shaved Ice


prep time: 15 minutes

makes 1 bowl


-3-4 cups of ice cubes (you can use more if need be)

-2 tbsp sweetened red bean paste (optional)

-3 tbsp condensed milk or more to taste

Desired toppings:

-handful of cornflakes

-some mini sweet rice cakes (bingsu tteok-optional)

-chopped fruits like mango, strawberries, peaches, etc...

-chopped chocolate or choco chips

-matcha powder

-ice cream


-cold coffee

**Vegan: use sweetened condensed coconut milk


  1. Using a food processor or blender, grind the ice until it becomes an almost slushy consistency

  2. Transfer the ice into a bowl and start assembling your bingsu by adding first the condensed milk and layering around the bowl, your toppings. You can add anything you want, making it as colorful or sweet as you like. Enjoy!

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